Sunday, January 31, 2010

After reading the pew study about digital footprints and all the possible dangers that come from leaving a “dirty” footprint so to speak, I found it interesting that google has now decided to expand its search to include social networking information. In an attempt to “get more social” google will now allow people to search for their friends or family members through their search engine. By creating a google profile and linking your friends and family to your blog, twitter, or facebook page, you will now have access to them every time you search for something. While some may find this new tool useful, I find it a little silly. Personally, when I search for something whether it be travel information or research for a paper, I don’t want to be bombarded with my social circles most recent blog postings or new pictures. However, this may not be the case for everyone and this tool will allow google to become an even more connected search engine.

Google Searches Get More Social
The pew study we were assigned to read made me very aware of just how public the internet really is. Most people my age are online daily, whether it be to update their social networking sites or just to browse. Nonetheless, we all leave our mark or our “digital footprint” whether we’d like to or not. This study was written to inform and to warn us readers of the possible dangers that can come with sharing seemingly harmless information online. I don’t think it the importance of digital footprints can be stressed enough, because it is something that can affect us all either now or in the future. The thoughts we share and the photos we upload may be all in good fun but if we are posting anything that could possibly damage our reputation, it can probably be found. Now that it is almost time to apply for internships or possible jobs, I find myself a lot more weary of how I present myself online and what I decide to share with the world.