Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Increased productivity or increased distraction?

It’s an endless argument we as communication students are probably used to listening to. Does social media increase productivity, or distractions? This article, touches on the subject and provides evidence to support both statements. It pointed out all the other forms of technological advancements we’ve encountered over the past couples years and states that “the reality is that distraction is nothing new in the workplace.” Although I agree, I think that this new wave of social media might be a little different. But whether you think of it as a distraction or an increase to productivity, you cannot deny that it has seeped into most aspects of our lives.

This interesting study showed how people really view the impact social media has in their lives. Although there was a few more people who thought social media was helped their productivity, the number of those who thought otherwise wasn’t far behind. so, i'd like to ask you all the same question.

At the end of the article was this quote, which I found to be quite inspiring for all those suffering from social media addiction!

"Of course, as individuals, we are in control of our experiences and progress. Our production is defined, among many things, by our ambition, motivation and overall satisfaction. The decisions we make when engaging in social networks are striking, not simply because they affect our efficiency, but because they test our determination. The live web is developing and while it is enticing, it is not beyond our means to manage. "

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Natalie DeNike said...

This is an interesting journal article. I find that social media and sites such as Facebook and Twitter tend to occupy much of my focus during inappropriate times. While it clearly can be a distraction to workers, I do not think social media is to blame for a decrease in productivity. Sometimes people want to be distracted and they will achieve it in any way possible.