Monday, April 12, 2010

To Wikipedia, or not to?

While working on a presentation for my Public Relations class this week, one of my groupmates came across this video clip for the television show 30 Rock. I thought this clip offered some comedic insight into how useful forums and sites such as Wikipedia really are. As we are all well aware, Wikipedia allows for anyone to post and edit the information on their sites. Just last week, I posted about the Wikipedia article we referred to in class, and I thought this would be an interesting follow up.

After researching for this presentation, it is really evident that there is definitely a controversy on the credibility of sites such as Wikipedia. But still, practically everything you run a google search for shows you Wikipedia as one of the first entries. So in my opinion, we should definitely be weary, but not discredit these types of sites completely. The information we choose to use is up to us, and we cannot completely blame the incorrect information or “facts” we use from any website.

30 Rock Video-

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Michelle said...

Ha Ha I love this! I think Wikipedia is an excellent resource you just need to make sure you check where your "facts" are coming from and see if they are credible. Otherwise you will end up like her on 30 Rock and think everything on the site is real.. Too Funny!