Wednesday, April 7, 2010

St. Edwards University Web Video

At the Presidents, meeting my groupmates and I, learned about the 10 year strategic plan that begun being implemented in 2000, and ended this year, in 2010. From the President’s meeting and from our webvideo, you will see that the goals set in place in 2000 were:

-to offer the St.Edwards experience to more students, to increase faculty in order to ensure a personalized experience and academic excellence, and to innovate and enhance our faculties, academics, and technology.

From the meeting, we learned that St. Edwards has increased its enrollment from 3,700 to 5,300. And even though our enrollment rates have increased, St.Edwards has still kept up with its personalized education, currently, our student teacher ratio is 14:1. Another beneficial improvement made which is available to all students is the improvement of facilities and technology on campus. With an investment of $147 million dollars in facilities, the University has constructed a new set of dorms and has made a completely wireless campus. They have also added 88 'smart' classrooms, and increased the number of public computers from 271 to 729. The university has also completed its mission by raising more than $81 million in only 10 years, exceeded annual giving of $1 million, created 79 scholarships.
On our video, you will find a quote by Mischelle R. Diaz that I think really captures the essence of the enhancements made at St. Edwards. “These improvements indicate that the quality of a St. Edward's education continues to improve and we have made great strides in becoming one of the best small universities in the country.” I agree, and believe that the ten year strategic plan greatly benefited everyone from students, to parents, to faculty and staff. I can only expect even greater things for the future of St.Edwards.

Here's our Video, Enjoy!

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