Monday, April 12, 2010

My Personal Learning Plan- A Digital Portfolio

“With a social media resume, you’re able to paint a completely different portrait of yourself for hiring managers and customize it to reflect your personal brand. With the inclusion of various multimedia elements, sharing options, integrated social networking feeds and the same elements you’d find in a traditional resume, you are better equipped for success.” – Dan Schawbel

For my Personal Learning Project, I decided to create my own social media resume using With today’s growing dependency on social media, I thought it would be beneficial for me to create a digital portfolio not only for this assignment but for me to use and to build on in the next coming years. My personal learning network consisted of social media experts, mashable guides, and examples of social media resumes from twitter, blogger, and delicious. I know that a number of other people from my Social Media class were also working on their own social media resumes, and I’m looking forward to viewing their completed sites and all the sources they used to guide them. Although the assignment is complete, I still plan on expanding my personal learning networks and my digital portfolio.

Here’s a link to my digital porfolio- take a look!

-For those of you interested in creating your own social media resume, here are my Delicious Bookmarks which are filled with some really useful information. enjoy!

-Through Delicious, I also found out about Visual CV- a great site to host a multimedia resume and give it a sleek, professional look. It can also be shared online or as a PDF file. Here's mine. it's still not done yet!

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With weebly i already created many of my resumes and my friends resumes, Your mashable guides are awesome.

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